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Our website has had a makeover and receives 1000s of hits everyday, offering a great way to find online, a Sikh owned business or service or to find information on upcoming events and news within the Sikh community.

We also have an extensive links network to our site from search engines, other websites and directories and our own client's websites. All of these strategies above ensure we put your business in front of your target audience.

Coupled with our print version, The Sikh Directory provides unique access to traditionally hard-to-reach ‘high value’ consumers who possess spending power.

Companies can place a simple business listing or a box advert with a direct link to your website. Advertisers are also able to have a feature about their company on the website for a very reasonable price.

The Sikh Directory continues to grow year after year, and advertisers believe in the power of The Sikh Directory to deliver positive results.

Advert Type
Advert size
Print Business Listing
2 lines
Print Business Listing Bold
Online Box Advert
134px (w) × 66px (h)
£100.00 per mon

Contact us for the prices and the best possible option for your company

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