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Welcome to the new International Sikh Directory. The Sikh Directory is a highly successful reference point allowing Sikh business owners and Sikh service providers to network amongst each other and build on a stronger vibrant Sikh community internationally. The Sikh Directory is a tribute to the skills, achievements and successes of the Sikh community.

To help consumers easily find Sikh businesses and suppliers, The Sikh Directory Ltd has compiled the very first directory of Sikh Businesses and Sikh Organisations.  It is the only one of its kind in both book format and an electronic version on the internet.

With over 26 million Sikh's in the world today, we have made an outstanding contribution to the wealth and diversity in today's society.

This is the first time that the majority of the thousands of Sikh Businesses and organisations based throughout the world are able to have true visibility of one another, creating an unlimited amount of trading and networking possibilities.  It is also a tribute to the skills, achievements and successes of the Sikh community and also teaches people about the Sikh Faith.

This unique directory is researched, designed, compiled and published to the highest standards and quality by Sikhs for Sikhs.

Our main objectives are to unite the Sikh community, to help promote and magnify the competitiveness and breadth of Sikh businesses to Sikhs throughout the world.

The Sikh Directory contains:

  • Sikh Businesses & Services
  • Sikh Organisations & Societies
  • Gurudwara’s in UK & Europe
  • Giani’s, KirtanJatha’s&Ragi’s
  • Sikhism at a Glance
  • Sikh Events & Activities
  • Sikh Calendar
  • Sikh Names
    and so much more...

The Sikh Directory will inevitably become the sole point of reference, providing a reliable and valued service to the Sikh community, a must have in every Sikh household.
In order to keep continuously improving and serving the community, the future scope of The Sikh Directory is open to your suggestions and recommendations.

 Conditions of using our website

1. We ‘The Sikh Directory Limited’ provide thesikhdirectory.com website. We are a limited company registered in England and Wales (registration number 05367346).

2. We legally own a wide range of intellectual property rights used in and relating to this website, including the business-listings directory database ('the database') which you can get access to using this website, the design, text, graphics, articles, blogs and other content of the web pages on this website, together with all the web addresses associated with those web pages, other than those which we use under licence and in all the software used in relation to this website, other than that which we use under licence.

3. Maps, licensed by Google. There are limits on what you can use map information for. Please visit http://maps.google.com/help/terms_maps.html for more details.

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